Famous Pianists And Their Technique - New Edition / Reginald R. Gerig

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Verlag: Indiana University Press, 2007

Sprache: Englisch

ISBN-13: 978-0253348555

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"There is no book like it in the English or any other language; it covers the gamut of technical development from Diruta to John Cage." - MAURICE HINSON, SENIOR PROFESSOR OF PIANO, THE SOUTHERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY

"Professor Gerig's . . . book has value not only for the scholar as an extremely fascinating historical tracing of various major performers, composers, and pedagogues, but an equally vital use as a reference work for the performer involved in the art of playing the piano." - JOSEPH BANOWETZ, PROFESSOR OF PIANO, UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS

Famous Pianists And Their Technique is a comprehensive resource for students, teachers, and professional pianists who seek to discover the secrets of how the immortal pianists of the last three centuries developed and polished their technique.

Gerig's insightful commentary frames and elucidates an impressive range of citations, quotations, and thoughts from legendary pianists and teachers. This expanded edition contains a foreword by Alan Walker, a new preface, and multiple new appendices.

REGINALD R. GERIG is Professor of Piano Emeritus at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. He was previously also on faculty at the Eastman School of Music.