Profiting from the World's Economic Crisis - Finding Investment Opportunities by... / Bud Conrad

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Profiting from the World's Economic Crisis - Finding Investment Opportunities by Tracking Global Market Trends

Ausgabe: Gebunden, 464 Seiten

Verlag: Wiley, 2010

Sprache: Englisch

ISBN-13: 978-0470460351

ISBN-10: 0470460350

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"Someone is going to make money in the next decade. Perhaps Bud will help you find your way

- JIM ROGERS, cofounder, Quantum Fund; author, A Gift to My Children

"Where everyone today has an opinion on everything, much of it gleaned from a blog, Bud Conrad's constant mantra is 'What does the data say?' And then he rolls up his sleeves and works almost around the clock for as many days as it takes to get to a defensible answer. In other words, there are those who talk, and those who do. Bud does. In Profiting from the World's Economic Crisis, Bud tells you what the data shows about the risks and opportunities just ahead. You'll want to pay attention."

- DAVID GALLAND, Managing Editor, The Casey Report

"Bud Conrad's book is a brutally honest journey into the future. Honest because Bud builds on facts, not popular opinion; brutal as he illustrates the logical consequences as global dynamics play out. You can't afford not to read this book."

- AXEL MERK, President and Chief Investment Officer, Merk Mutual Funds; author, Sustainable Wealth

"This book could not be better timed, as the government and Wall Street do their best to convince the public that the financial storm has passed. Bud Conrad begs to difter and using his unique ability to take complex data and distill it into straightforward charts, he not only explains how the hurricane developed, but why it's far from over. He then goes on to show investors not just how to survive the storm's resurgence, but how to prosper

- STEVE HENNINGSEN, Chief Financial Strategist, The Wealth Gonservancy

"Right now you may be asking yourself 'What's going to happen to the economy, why is it happening, and what can I do to profit from it?' As far as Im concerned, Bud has the correct answers to these questions. Among other things, this book will become 'the' reference book for data and charts that economists and investors will go to for years to come. I urge you to read this book - now - and act on its advice."

- DOUG CASEY, Chairman, Casey Research, bestselling author, Crisis Investing