Riches Among the Ruins: Adventures in the Dark Corners of the Global Economy / R. P. Smith

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Verlag: Amacom, 2009

Sprache: Englisch

ISBN-13: 978-0814410608

ISBN-10: 081441060-X

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Praise for Riches Among the Ruins:

“If you want to understand what goes on behind the scenes in international business and finance, and be treated to a fascinating account of the adventures of a financial entrepreneur who knows the most remote areas of the world on intimate terms, this is the book for you.”

— Robert Hormats, Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs (International)

“With guts, brains, and more than a little chutzpah, bond trader Robert Smith traversed the third world for three decades searching for fortune and often finding that adven­ture came along with the deals. A colorful, intensely personal chronicle of life on the early frontiers of globalization.”

— Richard M. Smith, Chairman, Newsweek

“If you wanted to hear what was going on in the more interesting—and dangerous—parts of international finance, you called up Bob Smith. He is the antithesis of the clueless, charmless, tiresome MBAs and careerists who got us into the present mess.”

— John Dizard, columnist, Financial Times

“A frontiersman in the risky world of global finance, Smith’s adventures read like a spy novel.”

— Robert Lenzner, National Editor, Forbes

“As one of the most imaginative and skillful financiers working in the behind-the-scene trenches of sovereign debt crises, Robert Smith has written an exciting and enjoyable account of his many ups and downs in the art of asset value creation.”

— Charles Dallara, Managing Director, Institute of International Finance, Inc.

“A real page turner, with economic lessons to be learned in each chapter on globaliza­tion and the world’s economic connectivity.”

— Gary Mueller, CEO and Chairman, Institutional Investor

“Outrageous, intriguing truth stranger than fiction....Riches Among the Ruins is a rare treat: an entertaining glimpse into a remote arena of globalization by a true financial pioneer. Bob Smith knows all and tells all in a highly enjoyable read.”

— Peter Marber, HSBC Halbis, author of Seeing the Elephant: Understanding Globalization from Trunk to Tail