USMLE Road Map: Neuroscience / James S. White

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Verlag: McGraw-Hill Education - Europe, 2004

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You'll never find an easier, more efficient, and more focused way to ace neuroscience and neuroscience-related questions on the USMLE and course examinations than the USMLE Road Map. Designed to provide maximum learning in minimum time, this USMLE Road Map offers a creative, and well-illustrated new approach to Explanations of mastering neuroscience.

The right way - the right questions - the right result

USMLE SHORTCUTS for effective USMLE preparation

OUTLINE FORMAT guides you through the most important areas in neuroscience

HIGH-YIELD FACTS promote comprehension and recall

TWO-COLOR FORMAT AND ILLUSTRATIONS make essential concepts easy to understand and remember

LEARNING TIPS AND TRICKS garnered from years of interaction with students just like you

CLEAR EXPLANATIONS from instructors with the experience to know the questions you would ask

The best source for medical education & reference