Weddings of Style - A Guide to the Ultimate Wedding / Kalliope Karella

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Verlag: Assouline Publishing, 2004

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Following on the success of Be My Guest... In this lavishly illustrated book, international globe-trotter Kalliope Karella takes the reader on an intimate tour of 15 of the world's most stylish weddings. With firsthand accounts from the brides themselves and personal photos of the exquisite dresses, elegant table settings, and exotic locales (Belluno, Italy, Porto Heli, Greece, Havana, Cuba), Weddings of Style will ignite your senses, inspire your fantasies, and help you make your dream wedding a reality. Weddings of Style goes beyond the newspaper clippings to indulge readers in such confidential details as what inspired each wedding's theme, how the bride chose the dress, how mishaps were overcome, and other exclusive insider peaks. With her playful wit and eye for dramatic detail, Kalliope Karella offers the ultimate guide to planning a wedding of style.