The Google Story / David A. Vise

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Ausgabe: Gebundene Ausgabe, 250 Seiten

Verlag: Macmillan, 2005

Sprache: Englisch

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The Google Story is the entertaining and definitive account of the most compelling innovation since the creation of the internet. Used in over 100 countries by more than 65 million users a day, Google is the most well known global brand to emerge in decades. It has become so popular that its name has become a verb. Based on scrupulous research and extraordinary access to the founders of Google, this book takes you inside the creation and growth of a company that has transformed how we access information about everything and everybody. Readers will learn about the amazing network of thousands of computers that store over four billion web documents and which are kept in specially chilled, secretly located rooms. They will discover the creative ways Google makes money while it provides a free service to millions and they will experience something of the world of ‘Googleplex’, the company’s colourful Silicon Valley headquarters, where staff receive free massages at the end of the day.

But even as it rides high, Google wrestles with difficult challenges in a busines that changes at lighting speed. Can it continue to compete while sustaining the guiding vision of its founders' mantra: DO NO EVIL?